Physitech Classes has all ingredients which give you respect, stability & status in the society. In terms of salary Physitech Classes scores over almost all Public Sectors, the Indian Corporate sector jobs and even the big MNCs. There are faculty members in our team who left a job at Infosys, TechMahindra & such companies to pursue a career in education industry.

Today coaching has become a very big industry and the best brains in the country aspire to work for this industry. Physitech Classes is proud to be a part of this movement. After achieving grand success in IIT-JEE training, in just two years of its operations we have diversified into JEE Mains, NTSE, STSE, Olympiads, & Medical entrance exams coaching.

Physitech Classes

We are looking for people who have an excellent attitude, perseverance and a penchant to work in an environment charged with excellence and driven by values.

Physitech Classes Operation

Physitech Classes’s operations are divided across various functional departments such as Academics (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Biology, Science), Academic Operations, Strategy, Business Promotion, Admissions, Marketing, Advertising & Brand Management, Finance & Accounts, Personnel & Administration, HRD & Training, & Business Development.

Physitech Classes is always on the lookout of talented, learned individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have passion to excel, to be accommodated at various positions in our centres.

Towards this objective, Physitech Classes hires people at entry level, mid level and senior positions for the various above mentioned functional departments.

We aspire to make Physitech Classes Family a peaceful, enjoyable, comfortable and the best place to work, where every motivated and self driven individual will bring in extraordinary results.

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Academic Operations

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